History of LLC "Laboratory of Network Technologies"

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Limited Liability Company “Laboratory of Network Technologies” (LLC LNT) was founded in the 2004 within the program “START” arranged by the Foundation for Assistance to small innovative enterprises. The main target of this 3 – year program is to facilitate startups in scientific and technical areas as well as to financially support development and marketing of their scientific products.

Initially the company was formed in the student incubator of high technologies residing at Science & Technology International Park “Technopark in Moskvorechje”.

Project evolution stages are described below.

  1. 1999 – 2002 yy. Commercial company “CONTUR Soft” and the Center of new information technologies in MEPHI organized a research laboratory to collaborate on network traffic audit methodology development intended for detection of network anomalies and attacks, analysis of network device interaction history, users actions control, etc.
  2. 2002 y February – June. Principal project participants were attending the training program “Innovation project management” launched by “Technopark in Moskvorechje”. As a result a business plan of software product promotion was developed. 
  3. 2002 y August. The project  “Computer network audit system (CNAS)” won in the competition of young scientists projects “Polzunov’s grants - 2002”. 
  4. 2002 y October. The project successfully undergone expert review and won a financial grant from the Foundation for Assistance to small innovative enterprises in scientific and technical areas. 
  5. 2003 y March - September. The company “CONTUR Soft” successfully performed activities within this contract. As a result the prototype of “Computer network audit system” was developed and its deployment in network environment of MEPHI was started. Concurrently research works on analysis of mathematical (statistical) methods applicability to anomaly detection problem were carried out, and positive results were achieved.
  6. 2003 y September – 2004 y March. The project was registered in National scientific and technical information center. Research works on development of anomaly detection techniques based on methods of statistical analysis continued. 
  7. 2004 y April – 2008 y April.  Research and development activities on network anomaly detection were performed within “START’04” program. R&D resulted in original technique of network anomaly detection using structured network traffic data, CNAS software subsystem architecture and program modules that implement this technique. Applicability of immune algorithms to network anomaly detection was investigated and CNAS subsystem prototype based on immune algorithms was developed. 
  8. 2005 y. The key concepts of the proposed analysis technique were scientifically proved and presented in the PhD thesis “Development of methods and software for computer network abnormal states detection» by Druzhinin E.L. Software system “Security Locator” was officially registered in computer program, database and ICC topology registration section of Federal Institute for Industrial Property of Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks.

Currently R&D activity is in progress within national project “Education” and financed under a government contract with the Foundation for Assistance to small innovative enterprises. The works include testing and efficiency assessment of the developed anomaly detection algorithms during “Security Locator” operation in educational organizations. One more task is to increase the efficiency of the statistical anomaly detection module and to enhance the capabilities of network object abnormal states detection and classification adopting human immune system principles.

CNAS with commercial name “Security Locator” is deployed in networks with different scale and architecture. In the process the developed software is continuously improved by means of new technologies, program structure optimization and additional modules that implement obtained research results.

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